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Follow along as we binge-watch all 13 episodes to find out who killed Bryce Walker.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Episode 2: If You’re Breathing, You’re a Liar
Genre : Drama, Mystery
Air Date : 2019-08-23

Episode 2: “If You’re Breathing, You’re a Liar”
Past: Back in the immediate aftermath of the Spring Fling fiasco, Zach is made captain of the football team now that Bryce is at a different school. Hell-spawn Monty is pissed. In a very #TimesUp friendly move, Zach vows to change the culture of the football team. He also befriends Chloe (Anne Winters), Bryce’s girlfriend at the time, who gives him a rabbit foot keychain as a good luck charm. They grow close, and he eventually guides her through an abortion when she confides in him that she’s pregnant with Bryce’s child. We’re taken through the abortion scene in real-time. It’s an extremely upsetting and powerful scene, the gravity of which the show handles well. Chloe ultimately breaks up with Bryce and leaves Liberty to attend a new school but maintains her friendship with sponsored-by-Adidas Zach. Bryce, who is having a hell of a time at his new school being bullied by the jocks there, never knew she was pregnant. Ani comforts him when Chloe dumps him.

Elsewhere, Jess starts her campaign for student president, telling Monty to f— himself in the process. She publicly announces the king of the school raped her and promises to take down the jocks if elected. She’s got my vote!

Present: There’s definitely more to the Zach/Bryce fallout than we know. Zach’s knee is effed up probably permanently, but he doesn’t want the other guys on the team to know that Bryce took him out for good, because then Bryce wins. Clay thinks he’s hiding something and he and Ani end up getting the whole story of Chloe’s pregnancy out of him.

Later, Alex spots Monty threatening Tyler (who is working through his trauma with both a counselor and by boxing with Tony) and pulls a knife on him. Other confusing plot points include: a random dude watching Justin at football practice; Ani finding a letter to Jessica in Bryce’s room; Tyler taking shirtless photos of himself in the past when he was covered in bruises and present too; and — the big one — the police find Bryce’s body in the water close to where Tyler had just been hanging out.

Who killed Bryce Walker: Seems like, at this point, we’re supposed to think Tyler was involved. But Zach is hiding something too and seems to have some unaccounted-for time after the homecoming game — the night Bryce was last seen alive.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Episode 2 – ‘If You’re Breathing, You’re a Liar’ Reaction

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