The Queen Sugar Show: Blue’s trauma is triggered when Micah takes him to the park. Darla learns the truth about the night Blue was conceived.

Title : Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 10: Oh Mamere
Genre : Drama
Air Date : 2019-08-21

Enter the complicated life of the Bordelon siblings in Louisiana after a tragedy happens in the family. In our QUEEN SUGAR AFTER SHOW we discuss how they move past the tragedy in order to take care of their struggling sugar cane farm. Tune in here for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew members on the show.

Queen Sugar season 4 episode 10 preview: Darla’s revelation
Want to get a sense of what’s coming on Queen Sugar season 4 episode 10? There is a lot of stuff to prepare for, but let’s kick things off with a reminder that we’re going to see more issues from the past surface. When you think about it, in general you can make the argument that this is one of the central themes of this season. We’ve seen it with Nova’s book, and we’ve seen it with what happened with Violet earlier on this season.

So where is the show going moving forward? Let’s just say that you could start to see it end up becoming a key factor in what’s going on with the story of Darla — and also with Blue as some reminders of the past surface. This is going to be an emotional episode — one of the most emotional of the season — and it could raise all sorts of questions when it comes to the future of some relationships.

Below, CarterMatt has the full Queen Sugar season 4 episode 10 synopsis with some more news as to what’s coming up:

Micah takes Blue to the park triggering trauma from his past. Plus, Darla learns a painful truth about the night Blue was conceived, and Violet stands by her side for comfort.

We are gearing up for the end of the season and when you consider that, one thing is almost certainly true: Fireworks, and plenty of them. This is going to be what makes Queen Sugar as a series memorable, and what could have you coming back for a season 5 … if we get one. The promo definitely does its job getting you excited for what’s coming and we just hope that now, it can live up a little bit to some of the hype that we’ve got in our mind.

The part of the promo that stands out comes clearly via the closing seconds — Ralph Angel getting a message, one that bears the message of “meet me at Darla’s.” What happens on the other side could be yet another emotional wallop in a series of them

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